Company Profile

Wenoli is a member of HEH Group. “Green Energy” slogan, and futuristic logo are a great representation of what we stand for.

Eco, Energy, Future, Technology and Humanity are the pillars that this company is founded on. With the letters Wenoli outlined with red-orange color, it symbolize Humanity. The green energy slogan stands for our resolve to establish relationship with Eco and Technology to achieve the highest innovative energy in the future.

HEH Group aspires to create new technologies that inspire the world. To fuel this innovation, HEH Group has operate more than 10 research and development centers around Asia. In 2011, HEH Group have invested more than a million USD in research and development, with more than 200 employees dedicated to developing future technologies. Wenoli is an industrial energy saving consultancy and focused on bringing values to consumers through its products. Wenoli has deep ties to HEH Group in which it operates and is committed to acting as a responsible green energy company.

Besides, Wenoli’s partner company Esaver Resources, a residential energy saving consultancy, has been operated since 2004 and delivering product and service excellence since then. In 2014, HEH Group is expanding its funds for the donation into Unicef children programs, which provide health and education support for the world’s youth and children. The company has made environmental sustainability a priority across its business and is applying technology in innovative ways to achieve eco-friendly development.

To foster future growth in Malaysia, Wenoli is making progress toward achieving its company vision, “Greener Technologies, Greener Future”. This vision established the performance goals of achieving recognition as one of Malaysia’s most innovative and inspired companies. In taking steps to expand its business into government associated environmental project, Wenoli will take part in investing in green technologies development.