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Wenoli energy saver product ranges from residential home to industrial sector with a total of 162 different types to suit customer’s compatibility. Wenoli energy saving system will not be sell to the public unit by unit openly without professional guidance as it will need appropriate knowledge to install the Wenoli energy saving system to get the best result, or otherwise none.

Residential home is the foundation for Wenoli, household equipment are pretty much similar from household to household, the only factor that we concern it’s the differentiation at the aspect of size and quantity. Wenoli Engineering & Research Department have design and invent numerous energy saver by implementing the basic, yet important equipment that are available in most households, such as television, air-conditioners, refrigerators, computers, water heater, fans, lights and washing machine. By combining these important aspect as the core idea for our development project, Wenoli professional engineers research and develop the desired energy saver that suits from low cost flat households to luxury bungalow households.

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Large scale commercial lot and industrial factory are quite of a challenging job for Wenoli Engineering & Research Department. That is because different factory utilizes different kinds of machinery and equipment. For example, surely toothpaste manufacturer utilizes different types of machinery comparing to a precision industry, in terms of machinery function, power input, combination of appliances and etc. Large scale commercial building and industrial sector is far more complex than residential household in the aspect of electronic machines, power supply, types of production, operation time and system transition networks.

This is where Wenoli professional personnel takes place when factory owner decided to implement cost cutting plan by applying Wenoli energy saving system. Wenoli professional personnel will first have to determine what type of factory it is, is it a paper manufacturer? Is it a food manufacturer?

The second step that will be needed to take is examining the power usage and the application of power of the factory by having a site survey in the designated factory. For the third step will be examining the factory’s core machinery and equipment to be recorded down in our professional survey within the factory facility for analysis and reference. The following steps will be having these surveyed details send back to Wenoli Engineering & Research Department to determine, redefining and conglomerating studies and analysis in the custom made production for the exclusive sustainable and reliable Wenoli energy saving system to be applied in the customer’s factory. All details that provided by customer will be kept strictly private and confidential.

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Wenoli offers professional, user-friendly and environmental friendly product, which enables customer to implementing cost cutting plan without worrying the factor of lowering down production and jeopardizing the whole factory operation. Other than that, Wenoli wastage eliminator is capable of improving the lifespan of all the important electrical and electronic equipment in the electric network systems by reducing long periods of overheating problems that may causes possible dangerous life threatening explosion and wiring short-circuit fire hazard. Besides, Wenoli after sales service and consultancy is a guaranteed professional quality by giving customer ongoing savings measurements in a projected return manner.

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