Rental Usage for Trial

Rental usage will be only applicable for large scale industrial factory only. We will have to make an appointment with the person in charge of the facility and will sending our professional personnel to give you a brief introduction and explanation on our energy saving solution. Besides, our professional personnel will need to know the full scale data from your factory. By doing so, people in charge of your facility will have to provide our professional personnel with past electric bills and other necessary details such as machinery types, DB distribution flow, factory floor plan and etc, for analysis, customization and quotation usage.

After quotation has been issued, if you agreed all the terms and have settled the payment on our rental fee for trial, we will send our authorized professional personnel to install our Wenoli energy saving system in your factory for trial usage.

For more information on our rental use for trial terms and conditions, please send an e-mail to to request a copy of rental terms and conditions.