Wenoli Frequently-Asked-Questions

What is Wenoli wastage eliminator?

In common words, Wenoli wastage eliminator is a type of leading edge technology that removes wastage energy inside our electric supply. Wastage energy causing our electrical appliances to consume extra electric to produce unwanted heat, thus increasing in temperature. This wastage eliminator technology is capable of reducing significant heat from your electrical and electronic products such as battery charger, power adapter or machinery.

So after using Wenoli wastage eliminator, electric that is consumed to produce heat is eliminated. Hence, wastage eliminator technology improves the lifespan of your electrical and electronic belongings by reducing the temperature to an optimum level that will not spoiling your electronic parts and achieving savings result from your electric bill.

How do I apply Wenoli wastage eliminator?

Wenoli wastage eliminator is categorized into two types, single phase and three phase.

For single phase user, you can apply our wastage eliminator by inserting into the socket plug that is near to your ELCB (Earth Leakage Circuit Breaker) to achieve best savings result.

For three phase, you will have consult with our authorized professional personnel.

Is this Wenoli wastage eliminator matches SIRIM standard and tested for safety?

SIRIM is an organization inspect and certify products that are manufactured with national standard such as Malaysian Standard (MS). Wastage eliminator technology does not have specific national standard category and thus, Wenoli wastage eliminator do not have SIRIM but it is tested safe to use.

How much is this Wenoli wastage eliminator?

In common words, it will be roughly equivalent to your two months electric bill.

Does Wenoli wastage eliminator have warranty?

Wenoli wastage eliminator has one year warranty and terms and conditions applied.

How long will Wenoli wastage eliminator works?

Wenoli wastage eliminator is designed to last maximum of 25 years.

How do I know if Wenoli wastage eliminator is working after a few years?

You can check for the light indicator to determine if it is working. Or inevitably, electric bill will rise again if wastage eliminator is not working anymore.

Will this Wenoli wastage eliminator works with big scale factory?

Wastage eliminator is applicable in residential, commercial and industrial.

Is it made in Malaysia?

Wenoli wastage eliminator technology is engineered and designed in Australia, assembled in Malaysia.