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Where It All Begins

A Spark towards Eco-friendly Business

One day, in a nice sunny spring in Australia, Johnathon was attending his son's graduation ceremony and by coincidentally, he was engaged into a conversation between two post graduates who were interested in starting up a business that can add values to the people and the environment. One of the sentences that struck Johnathon the deepest was "Most business models nowadays only focus in making profit for a certain group of people. Whatever byproducts that are produced by that business are absorbed by the rest of the people and the environment who are not in that group, and that is very irresponsible."

Throughout the whole afternoon and evening, they were deeply engaged in the conversation that revolved around eco-friendly core value business. Many current environmental issues were discussed, including climate change, energy efficiency, and plastic wastes. Both of the post graduates are specialised in Advanced Power Systems Engineering, and they have always thought that the current power networks could perform more efficient and hence resulting in less energy waste. Energy waste is a big impact to the environment, as energy waste means more emissions, more overheating of cables and appliances, more broken electrical and electronic appliances going into the landfill, and the list keeps going on.

Johnathon was driven by the concept business model, and was keen to turn this concept into a reality. He has since then invested in both of the post graduates for further research and developments in Power Systems Engineering. Driven by the same interest and eco-friendly core value in mind, Wenoli Technologies is co-founded in 2004 by likewise minded researchers from Australia and a private business group HEH from Malaysia. Since Malaysia is situated at a strategic location among Asia Pacific and Oceania, Wenoli Technologies business headquarter has been established in Penang, Malaysia.

A Mission towards Future Energy Efficiency

With the establishment of Wenoli Technologies, the company has heavily invested in the research and development group in Australia. Wenoli Technologies has since paid close attention to the current trend in energy demand and environmental impact. With increasing worldwide population, energy demand is on a rapid growth. It is well known that at this rate of demand growth, oil and gas will deplete in the next 50 years and coal will deplete in the next 100 years. This is the reason that renewable energy has gained popularity in the past decade as it is a sustainable source of energy. However, renewable energy is only a part of the equation in a sustainable future. If we do not use this energy in an efficient manner, whether it is fossil fuel or renewables, we will still end up wasting more resources but not having any positive gains in achieving a sustainable future.

By filling in the gap in the other part of the equation in achieving a sustainable future, energy efficiency has since become the second core business value of Wenoli Technologies. With this mission in mind, Wenoli Technologies will strife to drive this value in every step going forward, and in hope to establish a sustainable environment for the future generations.

A Vision towards Global Responsibility

Wenoli Technologies truly believes that both renewable energy and energy efficiency can be achieved in a global scale in order to secure a sustainable future for the many generations to come. We are working very hard everyday in educating people about the benefit and importance of energy efficiency, and how our participation will lead to positive impact to the people and the environment, within and outside of our business. Wenoli Technologies has since taken this responsibility by spreading this good value to more people, and has envisioned that one day this value can be spread to everyone globally.

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