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Why Choose

Wenoli Technologies?

01. Effectiveness and Minimal Down Time

Most of our competitors' devices have to be installed in series with respect to the equipment or the whole premise that require energy saving effects. There lies a big risk for automated factories and commercial businesses who highly rely on on-time efficiency. If at any time these energy saving devices malfunction, the whole premise with be switched off suddenly. For automated industries, restarting the whole operations and systems that run on automation will take a lot of time, and possibly time critical work-in-progress will be affected and cannot be recovered. Down time for these businesses means decreased throughput, revenue loss, and potentially unrecoverable customer loss.

Figure 01: Series connection of competitor's device

Wenoli Technologies Wastage Eliminators are installed in parallel with respect to the equipment and premises operation. If at any time our devices malfunction, equipment and premises will still operate as usual without any down time at all. This is the best practice that Wenoli Technologies can offer to the industries.

Figure 02: Parallel connection of Wenoli's device

02. Quick Installation and Space Saving

Most of our competitors' devices are usually very big and bulky. These devices are usually the size of a filing cabinet, and they consume a lot of floor space. Logistic, installation and commissioning of their devices could take up to a day on site, and sometimes the whole sections that are under installation need to be shut down. This down time will be costly to the business.

Wenoli Technologies Wastage Eliminators are compact in sizes and does not consume any floor space. Most of the time our devices are wall mounted to the nearest power switch boxes. For 3 phase installation and commissioning, the process is as easy as connecting the device to the power switch board with an isolator switch. Installation usually takes place in under an hour. During installation, all activities on the shop floor are uninterrupted, and can operate as usual, since our devices are standalone and do not need to be connected to other operating electrical equipment. For single phase installation, the process is more straight forward. Our devices come with your country designated wall plug. These devices can be plugged straight into a wall power socket, and most of the time, installation can be done without any qualified electrician.

Figure 03: Size comparison between competitors'devices vs Wenoli's devices

03. Low Operating Current, Fire Hazard Free

Most of our competitors' devices usually consist of multiple big capacitors to achieve  energy saving effects. It is a common practice to achieve power factor correction. Depending on the peak electricity demand, considerable amount of heat is generated in the capacitors due to dielectric loss and connection loss, and requires fan cooling. If at anytime the cooling fan has malfunctioned, these devices have a potential to overheat and degrade. This will not only cause performance degradation, but most importantly there will be a potential to cause a fire hazard.

Wenoli Technologies proprietary technology in Wastage Eliminator does not solely rely on the effect of big capacitors to achieve energy saving. All components are solid state design and consume minimal current (at most 0.1A/240V on our biggest 3 phase model) to function.  It means minimal heat is generated, and passive cooling can be achieved. Hence, our devices do not require any fans. With solid state design, there is no reliability issues on moving parts failure due to wear and tear. This results in exceptional lifespan of at least 10 years on all our devices. Most importantly, potential fire hazard risk is eliminated.

04. Adaptable to Fluctuations and Changes

Most of our competitors' devices are tailor made for a specific type of power loading combinations and a specific power consumption rate and amount. Their devices do not perform well under fluctuations or changes outside of these parameters, as their devices highly rely on the accuracy of these parameters to function, and are very sensitive to changes to these parameters. This is especially difficult for operations like factories and hotels where operating capacities fluctuate with seasons and market demands. When these fluctuations happen, their devices usually does not achieve the savings and effectiveness as promised. For those where the electrical equipment are directly connected to their devices to function (series connection, see Figure 01), if for some reasons someone added more electrical equipment to their devices power network due to increase capacity demand without any knowledge that their devices can only take up to a specific amount of power loading, their devices can go into power overload. This could end up in power interruption due to overloading, and a high risk of fire hazard for overloading.

Wenoli Technologies proprietary technology in Wastage Eliminators are specifically designed to handle and adapt to these fluctuations and changes in capacity demands. Our Wastage Eliminators can adapt to ±50% of its rated capacity and still achieve its optimum savings and effectiveness. Most importantly, since our devices do not connect directly to the electrical equipment to achieve savings and effectiveness (parallel connection, see Figure 02), the worst case scenario will be, our devices do not achieve any savings and effectiveness. This does neither interrupt any operations on the shop floor due to downtime from overloading, nor causing any risks of fire hazard to the premises. Safety is the utmost concern, and we uphold this concern to the highest standard.

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