Energy Saving Solutions 
for Your Industry

Manufacturing Factories

Manufacturing factories cover a wide range of big scale electrical equipment, including high pressure pumps, hydraulics, injection moulding machines, furnaces, welding equipment, CNC machines, AC and DC motors, robotics, highly sensitive electronic equipment, and etc. Since manufacturing factories have different combinations of equipment on site, Wenoli Technologies is experience and specialised in assessing each factory to come up with a unique and effective solution for different industries. 

Commercial Offices

In an office environment setup, common appliances that can enjoy the benefits of optimisation solutions are computers, laptops, modems, routers, printing machines, and other electronic appliances. With Wastage Eliminator technology in place, electronic appliances will no longer overheat and under perform, hence improve the lifespans of the appliances on the long run.

Hotels and Restaurants

Most common equipment that exist across hotels and restaurants industries are cooling and heating units, including cold rooms, freezer rooms, centralised air-conditioning, and etc. Other equipment are cooking and food processing equipment, including blenders, slicing and cutting machines, convection ovens, and etc. Wenoli Technologies has specific solutions to tackle this type of industry to provide effective cost savings and improved equipment lifespans.

Shopping Complexes

Shopping complexes are very similar to hotels environments, where most common equipment include centralised air-conditioning (heating and cooling), escalators, elevators, lightings (fluorescent tubes and LEDs),and etc. Wenoli Technologies is specialised in improving the efficiencies of these equipment, and thus in return, the premises are benefiting from lower operational and maintenance costs, especially improving the lifespans of LED lightings.


Residential and domestic applications are also part of Wenoli Technologies' speciality. Residentials consist of mixture of equipment in smaller scales, including air-conditioning (heating and cooling), cooking appliances, electronic devices (computer, modem, charger, television, etc), lightings, and etc. Wenoli Technologies has a range of domestic products that are readily available for customers. These products do not require qualified electrician for installation, as these products come with your country's designated power plug, and is a peace of mind plug-and-forget solution.