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Energy Saving Solutions

Implementing Wenoli's energy saving solution with the latest Wastage Eliminator technology will give you a hassle-free electricity bill savings up to 25% a month*. Other benefits include reducing equipment overheating, improving equipment lifespans, and enhancing electronics performance.

*As every premise is unique, and depending on the underlying factors, such as location, types of equipment on site, usage pattern, premise surroundings, and other complex parameters, we cannot guarantee that every customer will enjoy the benefit of 25% savings. Based on our experience, the minimal saving that we can confidently promise is 10%.

Industries that We Service

Manufacturing Factories
Shopping Complexes
Commercial Offices
Hotels and Restaurants
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Key Opinion Leader (KOL) Testimonial

“It really works.”

Mr. KS Thor
Ex-Senior Operations Director, China (Jabil Inc.)

Ex-Vice President of Operations, China (Plexus Corp.)

Ex-Vice President of Operations, Asia (Venture GES International Ltd.)

Product Certification

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